Access Panel

A neat and versatile Softline Access Panel provides a convenient way to access ductwork or pipework above a ceiling or inside a wall. This professionally designed unit is easy to install. The white powder-coated surface is smooth and elegant...

Access Panel - FAQ

This page is dedicated to providing answers to frequently asked questions about our access panels.

What is an access panel?

An access panel is a small door usually made of sheet metal with a rigid frame. The door part of the access panel hinges on the frame to allow opening and closing. The softline access panel model AP220 from our warehouse can be locked via a lever mechanism.

Common names for an access panel are: access hatch, ceiling hatch, access door. Although the latter usually refers to larger size access panels.

Our softline access panels have a feathered edge to cover any uneven edges in the cut-out and so can provide an elegant look post installation. This type of access panel are usually installed onto ceilings or dry walls to provide human access to ductwork, pipework, or any kind of equipment being concealed.

How to install an access panel?

Access panels supplied by ANTRON has four arms that swivel upwards to provide anchorage inside a ceiling or wall. Each arm has pre-drilled holes that can attach to almost any surface using a screw. Once attached, it is very secure.

Is the AP220 access panel water proof?

The AP220 access panel model is made from sheet steel and powder coated so it does provide a level of water resistance. However, it would not be deemed water proof.

Is the AP220 access panel lockable?

The AP220 access hatch model has a small lever mechanism that has a square knob (Male) on the surface of the panel. This square knob can be operated via a supplied blue-key, also square (Female).